Marshall Industrial Technologies provides a full range of capital project and plant maintenance services. Our offerings include initial construction and installation as well as maintenance routines that can keep your facilities running smoothly.


We particularly specialize in process piping system design, fabrication, installation and maintenance. We can fabricate and install austenitic sanitary and high-purity process piping systems in a wide variety of facilities using Orbital and manual TIG welding techniques.


We offer complete sanitary piping services for new construction, modification, and expansion of piping systems. In this way, we’ve perfected ways to install hygienic piping systems in a variety of facilities, including those in the food and beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical manufacturing fields.


What Is Sanitary Process Piping?

Sanitary process piping systems handle food, dairy, and pharmaceutical processes. Because these products directly affect customers’ health, they need to be assembled with strict adherence to industry and third-party regulations.

One of the most important ways to preserve hygienic processes is through the installation of sanitary process piping for your facility’s fluids. Sanitary process piping manages the movement of fluids throughout a production facility. A few traits that all systems have in common include:


  • They meet higher cleanliness standards than regular piping systems.
  • They’re installed using orbital or manual TIG welding processes.
  • Their surfaces are easier to clean and sterilize than those of other piping systems, which helps ensure product integrity.

These traits are inextricably interlinked. Using orbital or TIG welding processes to build your plant’s process piping system produces flawless internal and external weld contour making them easier to clean and sterilize, which in turn meets industry sanitary and high purity piping standards.


Orbital welding is an automated welding process that results in smooth internal surfaces for the pipe welds. This sets it apart from manual welding, which can leave bumpy or crevice-filled interior joints that collect materials and encourage the growth of bacteria. Orbital welding creates a uniform weld bead that fully penetrates the pipe joint thereby producing superior weld quality, thus enabling pipe interiors to reach low bacterial levels faster and stay safer over time.


The Importance of Industry Standards

Before your plant or processing facility can produce pharmaceutical or food/beverage products, it must meet the FDA’s strict process validation standards. For this reason, it’s usually easier to work with one vendor throughout the entire piping installation process, because doing so involves fewer communication breakdowns that might otherwise result in regulatory penalties.


Process piping systems in a wide variety of industries must accord to the following industry standards:


  • 3-A Sanitary Standards
  • FDA (Food & Drug Administration), CFR (Code of Federal Regulations), and CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) standards
  • ASME Bioprocessing Equipment Standard (BPE-97)
  • AWS (American Welding Society) D18.1/D18.2

Is Sanitary Piping the Same as Sewage and Sewer Piping?

Sanitary piping actually refers to two different types of piping systems in the United States. Although the name applies to the high-purity process piping for food, dairy, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, it also can refer to sewage piping, which carries potable water and wastewater to and from buildings. Since both of these systems involve the movement of fluids while maintaining high standards of safety and interior integrity, they’ve traditionally fallen under the same umbrella.


That being said, many other English-speaking countries differentiate between the two systems. In the U.K., for example, the phrase “sanitary piping” only describes water and sewage piping systems, whereas process piping that handles food and pharmaceutical applications is referred to as a hygienic piping system.


What Can Marshall Industrial Technologies Do for You?

Reliable sanitary process piping systems are absolutely essential for your processing plant. At Marshall Industrial Technologies, we assign one project manager to every client to oversee your facility’s pipe design and installation from start to finish. This facilitates more customer success as the project manager becomes well acquainted with your facility’s requirements over the course of working with you.

Contact our team here to learn more about our process piping installation services, or request a quote to find out how you can get started.