Industrial & Commercial Electrical Contracting Services

Marshall Industrial Technologies provides electrical support services to a wide range of clients in the industrial/manufacturing, commercial, institutional and government sectors. From equipment installation and repair to regular maintenance, we offer our assistance to customers in any industry.

Our Electrical Services Division (Electrical License # 10614A) offers complete electrical installation, maintenance, and repair to a growing list of organizations across myriad applications. Our growing list of completed projects includes the following services across general, machine control, and specialty applications.

General Applications

  • Interior & Exterior Wiring - With years of experience in all wiring applications, our team can service all interior and exterior wiring installation, repair, or maintenance needs.
  • Electrical Service Upgrades - When equipment needs an upgrade in piping or wiring to keep up with in the increased power requirements of automation, Marshall teams are experienced at optimizing power needs for any application.
  • Generators and Substations - Equipment applications including substations and generators can be installed and serviced by our experienced team to ensure that your electrical service is adequate and uninterrupted.
  • Power Distribution - Our qualified electricians can handle any power distribution installation, upgrade, or repair.
  • Motor Control Centers - We can help to ensure the power bus and combination starter are in place and functioning properly.
  • High & Low Voltage Work - Our staff can handle a wide variety of electrical maintenance or installation work in both high-voltage and low-voltage applications.
  • Transformer Service - Marshall Industrial Technologies teams can carry out service in intervals or in any necessary timeframe to help you prevent failure or deterioration.
  • Preventive Maintenance - Overall, we can work with you to help prevent electrical issues from arising by analyzing your equipment and application and providing comprehensive preventative checks and maintenance services to identify and correct any potential issues.
  • Lighting - We provide services for indoor, outdoor, and High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting applications.
  • Security / Flourescent / LED /Emergency - We can quickly assess your facility needs, and either install new equipment or service existing equipment to help you meet and maintain code compliance.
  • Machinery & Equipment - We can help with installation, maintenance, repair, or relocation of large machinery and equipment.
  • Plant Relocation - From dismantling to offloading to reinstallation, we offer turn-key relocation services to help you move a variety of complex equipment.
  • Meter Controls - To help ensure efficient energy usage, we can service meter controls to ensure they are properly calibrated and working correctly.
  • Fans - From maintenance to installation, we help ensure industrial fans have an appropriate electrical supply for optimal operation.

Machine Control Applications

We offer our range of electrical services to support machine control applications. We also help with robotics installations and electrical support for all automation installations. Common machine control applications we service include:

  • Machine Design & Power Control
  • Panel Fabrication
  • Industrial Control Wiring
  • AC / DC Motor Controls
  • Solid State Controls
  • Programmable Controllers
  • Process Controls
  • Instrumentation
  • Robotics Installation
  • Equipment Upgrading

Specialty Applications

In addition to the more common applications and machine control applications above, we also have extensive experience with intercom systems, explosion-proof wiring, and energy conservation projects. Check out this list of specialty applications:

  • Computer Room & Network Cabling
  • Intercom Systems
  • Closed Circuit TV
  • Fire & Security Wiring
  • Cable Fault Locating
  • Energy Conservation & Management
  • Telecommunications Cabling
  • Hazardous Area & Explosion-Proof Wiring
  • Maintenance & Service Contracts
an electrical system
2 electrical service workers repairing power lines

No matter the industry, installation, maintenance and service contracts are available from Marshal Industrial Technologies to suit your specific needs. Our skilled electricians and instrument technicians are available around the clock to meet all your electrical service needs. We are excited to learn how we can service your application and help increase safety, efficiency, and modernization in your operation. Please contact us to see how we can offer safe, qualified, electrical service support in your facility.

Please contact us at 1-800-969-1133 today to request a quote for Electrical Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services.