Orbital Welding and TIG Welding Services

ASME Qualified Orbital Welding & Manual TIG Welding Services

A full-service, multi-skilled industrial service company, Marshall Industrial Technologies serves as a single source for routine and emergency equipment installation, machinery repair, and plant maintenance. We’re also proud to offer state of the art Orbital Welding Services.

Orbital welding involves the continuous mechanical rotation of the welding arc around a static workpiece. The process serves as an ideal solution for the welding of items that are fairly resistant to manual welding due to their shape or size.

Orbital welding is often used to join pipes and tubes, which are able to be welded precisely with this technique. Marshall Industrial goes one step beyond, offering customers a comprehensive turnkey solution for sanitary piping systems, from design and manufacture to complete installation and validation. All of this is achieved via sophisticated orbital welding techniques.

Our Orbital Welding Services are offered both in-house and at customer site locations. Our welders are qualified to ASME standards.

Orbital Welding Services for Sanitary Process Piping

Orbital welding is the go-to method for high-purity applications, such as sanitary process piping. Thanks to the inert atmosphere in which the welding takes place, this process ensures the highest purity level possible for all materials being joined. In fact, orbital and manual TIG welding processes are necessary for bringing about sanitary weld quality in many applications. Commonly joined materials include stainless steel, Inconel®, Monel®, and Hastelloy®.

Orbital welding has found numerous applications in pharmaceutical and food processing industries. It’s also often used in clean room applications; in these situations, orbital welding is employed in highly controlled environments in which pollutants - such as dust, vapors, microbes, and particles - are not allowed to interfere with industrial processes.

The Advantages of Orbital Welding

Orbital welding is preferred over traditional welding styles thanks to its superior performance, quality, and consistency. Orbital welding offers significantly better and more cost-effective performance compared to its manual counterpart, and the same goes for the quality of the weld. In some applications, such as those within the semiconductor field, orbital welding is the only way to achieve the high level of quality demanded by the industry.

At the same time, orbital welding offers much more consistent levels of performance over traditional methods, without the errors, variability, inconsistency, and defects that are so often side effects of traditional welding.

The Manual GTAW Process

Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) involves the creation of high-quality, high-integrity welds with the help of a nonconsumable tungsten electrode. Also referred to as tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, or manual GTAW, this welding process is widely used across a range of applications.

Allowing for fine, precise welds on thin metals, GTAW welding is inherently versatile, and can also produce welds for virtually any application. Plus, since argon and argon/helium gases are used in TIG welding, significantly lower levels of fumes and smoke are produced, thus increasing visibility for the welding operator.

Orbital welding is essentially the mechanized version of manual GTAW, eliminating the operator errors associated with the traditional method and allowing for full process automation. Orbital welding’s popularity has been on the rise for almost half a century now.

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Offering key advantages over traditional welding in terms of overall productivity, quality, and consistency, orbital welding has found a solid place in the biotechnology, automobile, shipbuilding, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

Automated gas tungsten arc welding is ideal for any application requiring high-quality, reliable welds, including jobs demanding the creation of fine, precise welds on thin metals, as well applications in which visibility during the welding process plays a critical role.

Marshall Industrial is proud to offer top-of-the-line Orbital and Manual TIG Welding Services, and our team has deep expertise in all aspects of the process; over 80% of our workers have over three years of experience, and over 50% have over five. Our top-notch safety program ensures optimal safety for both our workers and our clients, and the program has even been named "one of the best in the industry".

To learn about Marshall Industrial’s Orbital Welding Services and Manual TIG Welding Services and to discuss how they can help with your unique application, contact the team today.