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Process Piping Expertise for all of your projects

We are proud to offer you a single source for process piping installation, modification, maintenance and repair.

Process Piping Expertise
Our Specialty Piping Group specializes in the design, fabrication, and installation of austenitic sanitary and high-purity process piping systems.
·   System design and project management
·   Complete piping system fabrication and installation
·   Mechanical and electrical installation
·   Instrumentation
·   Systems integration
·  Inspection, documentation and validation

Industrial facilities of all kinds rely on process piping to move fluid, gas, and fine particulate matter. Process piping refers to the interconnected system of pipes or tubes that transport materials within and throughout a facility. Process piping systems may be simple and limited in scope, or they may be extensive and intricate, depending on the application. As such, it’s important to work with an experienced process piping supplier who can negotiate the many variables involved in process piping design.

As a turnkey service provider, Marshall Industrial Technologies specializes in the design, fabrication, and installation of austenitic sanitary and high-purity process piping systems. We support clients from design through installation to provide personalized, high-performance process piping across diverse industries and applications.

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Portable machine shop expertise

Portable machine shop expertise

Marshall provides high quality machining services to plants and facilities throughout the Northeast – some within our 30,000 sf machine shop but alot is done with our full suite of portable machining equipment. If it’s too big to move, our expert machinists will get the job done when and where you need it. We offer portable machine shop expertise.

Flange Facing – Shaft & Journal Machining – Line Boring – Milling

The next time your project requires on-site machining, call Marshall.

Equipment Installation Expertise

Northeast Equipment Installation Experts - Marshall Industrial Technologies

We are your Northeast equipment installation experts. When looking for someone to install your equipment or supplement your installation team, some things are non-negotiable.

Experience. Precision. Accountability.
Partnering with Marshall Industrial Technologies will provide the peace of mind of knowing that your equipment will be installed exactly to you and your customer’s specifications.

For more than 70 years, we have provided equipment manufacturers with turnkey equipment installation from single machines to entire production lines. We can provide:


If you or your customers have an upcoming installation in the Northeast, let’s talk.

Marshall Industrial Technologies Partners with Hunt the Front

Marshall Industrial Technologies partners with Hunt the Front

Photo Courtesy Dustin White

From time to time, we here at Marshall find it beneficial to stretch our legs and unwind.  Recently, we decided to go dirt car racing with our friends at Hunt The Front racing! They are a fine match for our hard-working values and family-centered vibe (and pretty fast on the track!) so we signed on to help them cut through the pack and see what they could do.  Thus far it’s been a wild ride and we’re proud be a part of their success!  Check them out on the track or through their wildly successful YouTube videos and go visit their site at