In a number of high-demand industries, complete control of the surrounding environment is crucial to ensure safe and efficient operations. Undesirable environmental conditions can lead to unsanitary, poor quality, or faulty products, which can result in significant economic losses and additional rework time. Cleanrooms provide pollutant-free environments by carefully controlling the air filtration, temperature, pressure, and humidity conditions of the space.

Constructing and maintaining the appropriate working environment can prove to be a time-consuming and expensive undertaking. To address this issue, many industries are turning to portable, modular and mobile cleanroom solutions. Marshall Industrial Technologies can install a variety of cleanroom solutions for industries that require strictly regimented, sterile environments for production and testing.

  • Custom and Pre-Engineered/Modular and Mobile Cleanroom Installation: Modular cleanrooms are built from interlocking panels that allow spaces to become smaller or larger to fit different applications. They are often built on trailers for easy portability.
  • Contaminant-Free Environment/Contamination Control: Most cleanrooms have an overpressurized HVAC system that pushes out air without allowing potentially contaminated air to reenter the space. Air filters process incoming air to remove particles.
  • Constant Temperature Rooms: Cleanrooms have precise temperature control systems.
  • Air Filtration and Purification Systems: HEPA filters are commonly used to ensure incoming air is suitably filtered and purified to block contamination.
  • Pressure Monitoring: Facility operators can create positive or negative pressure environments to ensure the cleanroom doesn’t have unprocessed incoming air.
  • Process Controls: Cleanrooms are outfitted with process control systems and components that monitor and control cleanroom conditions.
  • Process Piping, Including High Purity Process Piping Design, Installation, and Validation: Stainless steel piping and orbital welding are the standards for process piping because they reduce the risk of buildup or contamination.
  • cGMP Compliant Installations: Cleanrooms should have efficient processes and clean materials that facilitate compliance with the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).


Cleanroom Applications

These specialized structures are typically used in industries that handle materials that are sensitive to changes in the surrounding environment. They vary in size, complexity, and classification depending on the intended industry application. Some of these industries include, but are not limited to:

Electronics and Semiconductor Manufacturing

Even small contaminants such as fibers or microorganisms can disrupt the development of sensitive technologies. Modular cleanrooms can comply with ISO 14644-1:2015 standards to ensure that the production environment has minimal pollutants both in terms of quantity and particle size. Powerful HEPA filtration ensures contaminant-free manufacturing.

Biotechnology and Life Sciences

Developments in the biotechnology industry are particularly susceptible to contamination. Airborne particles and pathogens can contaminate goods and equipment or nullify test results, making it crucial to employ cleanrooms that meet ISO Class 5 standards or higher to minimize the risk of confounding variables. Cleanrooms can also be designed to control humidity, temperature, pressure, and other environmental factors.

Pharmaceutical (USP-800)

Pharmaceutical-level cleanrooms wholly protect manufacturing and testing environments, ensuring product quality and accurate test results. Cleanrooms provide a sterile environment for the efficient production of vaccines, sterile products, and research samples. 

Food and Beverage

Consumable goods must be produced in hygienic environments that minimize the risk of contamination. Cleanrooms for this industry must be easy to clean, have powerful HEPA filtration filters, and eliminate the risk of contamination or cross-contamination during processing.

Because every cleanroom accommodates different processes and industry-standard regulations, different cleanrooms will have different size requirements, classifications for cleanliness or air filtration minimums, and degrees of complexity.

Cleanroom Services at Marshall Industrial Tech

Cleanrooms are essential for creating sterile, controlled environments for production and testing applications across different industries. At Marshall Industrial Technologies, we offer installation services for a variety of custom and premade cleanroom solutions designed with performance and efficiency in mind. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities or request a quote to start building your cleanroom.

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