In a number of specific high-demand industries, complete control of the surrounding environment is crucial to ensuring safe and efficient operations. Undesirable environmental conditions can lead to unsanitary, poor quality, or faulty products, which can result in significant economic losses and additional rework time.

Constructing and maintaining the appropriate working environment can prove to be a time consuming and expensive undertaking. To address this issue, many industries are turning to portable, modular and mobile cleanroom solutions.

These specialized structures are typically used in industries that handle materials that are sensitive to changes in the surrounding environment. Some of these industries include, but are not limited to:

  • Electronics and semiconductor manufacturing
  • Biotechnology and life sciences
  • Pharmaceutical (USP-800)
  • Food and beverage

Cleanrooms vary in size, complexity, and classification. These features usually depend on the specific industry and their application. For instance, cleanrooms designed for the biotechnology field will have different requirements compared to rooms designed for semiconductor manufacturing.

What Do We Offer?

Marshall Industrial Technologies offers a variety of unique cleanroom solutions for almost any industry where materials are sensitive to environmental contamination. Our experienced team consists of partnering engineers and original equipment companies, for modular and mobile cleanrooms as well as certified testing & calibrating service providers that can provide functional and cost-effective -cleanrooms to meet or exceed the most stringent industry standards.

Our cleanroom solutions offer long-term cost savings through enhanced productivity, and reduced maintenance and lifetime costs compared to conventional construction.

Additionally, each element of our cleanroom structures, from the wall and ceiling panels, to the windows and doors, are designed with optimum efficiency and performance in mind.

Marshall Industrial Technologies’ – cleanroom systems include several features including:

  • Custom and pre-engineered/modular and mobile clean room installation
  • Contaminant free environment/contamination control
  • Constant temperature rooms
  • Air filtration & purification systems
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Process controls
  • Process piping, including high purity process piping design, installation, validation
  • cGMP compliant installations

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The experienced and highly qualified staff at Marshall industrial Technologies are prepared to work with you on the design and installation of your cleanroom. We will also assist in modification, upgrade, calibration, certification, commissioning, and startup of your cleanroom, effectively overseeing your project from start to finish.

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