Way back in 1951 (when the average new house cost about $9,000, and the New Jersey Turnpike was just opening), Marshall Maintenance had its humble beginning in a small garage in Yardley, PA. It was the Post-War Era, and industry was booming.

Recognizing that local industries had a growing need for mechanical maintenance services, Richard Marshall followed his dream and established a company called Marshall Maintenance. The biggest customer back then was the huge U.S. Steel Fairless Works, which once employed as many as 13,000 workers. Very quickly, other local manufacturers came to know Marshall. That little garage became too small to house the growing company, and Marshall Maintenance moved across the Delaware River to Trenton, NJ.

Marshall Maintenance continued to expand steadily, servicing industrial plants both regionally and nationally. The business strategy was extremely successful, and the company flourished through the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980’s.

In 1974, Founder, Richard Marshall was awarded the Small Business Administration’s Small Businessman of the Year Award by President Richard M. Nixon.

Sadly, in 1988, Richard Marshall passed away. His passing, however, did not go unrecognized. The city of Trenton, which he loved and served so well, created a permanent memorial to Richard N. Marshall when they ceremoniously dedicated the famous Roebling Footbridge in Stacey Park to Richard Marshall’s memory.

Following Richard Marshall’s death, the company remained in good hands. The board of directors purchased all of the stock of the corporation and continued to successfully manage operations.

In 1991, the corporate name was changed from Marshall Maintenance to Marshall Industrial Technologies. This new name better identifies the company’s activities as a full service provider.

Meanwhile, in the early 90’s, Marshall expanded its service offerings to include not only Machine Shop Services, Welding, Fabricating, Mechanical Maintenance, and Installation, but also Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Services, and Electrical Services.

In 2006, Marshall opened an additional operations center in Northeastern, PA to service the increasing industrial plant installation and maintenance needs in and around the Lehigh Valley of PA and also Northern NJ. Today Marshall employs over 150 dedicated service personnel.

In 2017 Marshall Industrial Technologies became an Employee Owned and Operated Company.

Now in our 7th decade of operation, Marshall has many years of experience to rely on, but we know that growth and development are the result of a thorough understanding of the ever-changing needs of the industrial community and also of our ability to adapt to meet your changing needs. On a daily basis, we work to meet our customers’ existing needs and to prepare to meet their future needs.

Our customers are upgrading technology to compete globally and to comply with strict environmental and safety regulations. Marshall is addressing the demands of the market by keeping abreast of changing technologies and by providing highest quality services performed by technicians who are trained to work safely and productively. As a result of our years of dedicated service, our customer database now looks much like a Fortune 500 listing.