Marshall Industrial Technologies offers a single source for your plant maintenance, emergency repairs and capital project installations

Services We Offer


Our technicians are skilled and fully equipped to keep your operations up and running with high proficiency. We’re available 24/7 for all your machinery repair needs.


Process Piping Systems

We care for your facility’s process piping systems to move gas, fluid, and particulate matter. We also focus on design, fabrication, and installation using TIG processes.



We handle electrical support services for various industrial, commercial, and government industries.



Our skilled technicians can provide exceptional HVAC-R services – from heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration.


Machine Shop & Fabrication

If you have different machining requests, we ensure that our machine shop can fabricate your replacement and spare parts for all of your requests.


On-Site/Portable Machining

We can handle any on-site or portable machining services with the help of our highly qualified and trained field machinists.



Plant Maintenance

With our safe and efficient techniques, our skilled technicians can work on any plant maintenance requirements you need.


Cleanroom Services

Prevent severe economic losses with our cleanroom services. We ensure that your facility is sanitary and clean to ensure that you produce high-quality products.

Single Source Solutions Since 1951

Single Source Solutions Since 1951
Strategically located in the heart of the industrial Northeast, Marshall Industrial Technologies has a staff of fully trained technicians who are dedicated to keeping your facility running and keeping you on schedule.
Single Source Solutions Since 1951
Marshall Industrial Technologies offers a “Single Source” solution for your routine and emergency equipment installation, machinery repair, and plant maintenance needs.
About Us


Infrared Thermography

We utilize Infrared Thermography, or IRT, to measure the temperature fluctuations within your components. Therefore, allowing us to locate any defects in your device to reduce high-cost maintenance and repairs.


Pipe Fitting

Preventing leaks and ensuring a secure connection are essential in different industries. Therefore, pipe fitting is required for optimal results and longevity of the pipes.

Marshall Industrial Technologies is Your Single Source Solution

Marshall Industrial Technologies is your number-one solution for equipment installation, machining services, and plant maintenance needs. So if you require any help, make sure to contact us today. You may also request a quote so that we can get your project started.

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